Beginner Hula Hoops

Size Guide

Welcome to your new passion! I’m so happy to support you on your new hoop journey and help you find your perfect sized beginner hula hoops. It’s a hard decision to make and the choices can be overwhelming, so I have compiled lots of info here! If you have any more questions after reading this guide, please contact me.

For waist hooping only: 1″ Beginner hoop comes in size 36″ – 44″. Larger is easier and best if you haven’t been able to hoop in the past. If you have been able to previously or are a quick learner you can choose a smaller size. These are the heaviest hoops at nearly 1lb.

For hand hooping only: 5/8″ or 3/4″ tubing in sizes 26″ – 34″. The middle sizes are best for learning, think about how much space you would need to jump through the hoop, or doing isolations. Try 5/8″ Bare Polypro hoops.

For hand and waist hooping: A spiral taped hoop in 3/4″ tubing, size 34″ or 36″. You can custom design your tape or pick from my shop.

2 hoops, one in 5/8″ tubing, and one in a larger size is the most ideal if your budget allows.


*2 sizes in 1 hoop!*

Pick 2 sizes you want, in the same diameter. One for hand hooping, one for waist hooping. recommended to order 3/4″ tubing if you want to waist hoop.

IE order sizes 30″ and 36″. Your hoop will come in size 30″ with an extender piece to make it a 36″.


Go to the shop page and choose your hoop. Add the hoop you want to your cart and choose the larger size.

Next use the travel hoop add-on and choose 2 pieces, leaving a comment about your smaller size.

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Why HDPE for Beginner Hula Hoops

It will be easiest to learn waist hooping because it is heavier and has grip tape all around. If you are a quick learner or are short/small framed I suggest the smaller size. For tall/curvy people I suggest a bigger size.

Alternatively​, try polypro

 A bare coloured polypro with a spiral of grip tape or as a strip on the inside. Without grip is fine but note it will be slippery. Some people like to sand the inside or use hoop wax. See the tubing guide for full selection.