Hoop Care Guide

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Unpacking A Shipped Hoop

Your hoop will either be connected with its own connector or joined with an extra piece of tubing. If there is electrical tape around your hoop peel it off first.

If your hoop has an extra piece of tubing joining it, pull the ends out of each side and discard the loose tubing.

If your hoop is connected with its own button, wait until it is at least room temperature or warmer, push the button head and pull the hoop apart.

Let the hoop sit open on a flat surface (the ground is ideal) for at least 45 minutes up to 24 hours to relax and retake its perfect circular shape. It reshapes faster in warm weather. You can blast it with a hairdryer to speed up the process, but don’t let it get too hot. Sometimes a hoop will be egg-shaped for up to a week before it circles back. Once it has relaxed close the hoop using the push button, you may need to wiggle the ends a bit to get the button to click in the hole.

General Care

Polypro does not like to get very hot or too cold. Do not leave it in your car all day in the summertime or it can get bent out of shape. It is ok to leave in the car in the winter, though it is susceptible to cracking when cold. If it gets below 12 degrees wait for it to warm up to use it. Be careful not to hit rocks or other hard objects when playing outside in the cooler weather.

Do not leave your hoop coiled for long periods of time, it is best stored in its full circle. Coiling is ideal for short periods of travel.

Stardust & Glossy Polypro

Stardust and glossy polypro is more fragile than regular polypro, so be extra cautious when coiling down or when playing in cold weather. It is not as flexible and can crack.

Taped Hoops

Taped hoops are best used on grass or indoors. The tape will scratch when dropped on gravel/cement. Don’t be afraid to deny requests from other people to play with it and set your boundaries. Your hoop is yours and no one can make you share it.


If your connector breaks, I will replace it for free. If you can try to keep the 2 pieces of the button that is ideal, but not required. If you crack or kink your hoop you can bring it back to me for repair. I can cut the broken area out and insert a connector. It will typically make your hoop 1” smaller in diameter.

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