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Laura Loops & Radiant Life Hoops

Laura Loops loves crafting hula hoops in Canada and has been in business full time since 2017. Radiant Life is her passion and it fills her heart with joy to share her love of hula hoops with people all over the country. She has built her business around all things hooping; crafting high quality hula hoops for all ages, teaching hula hoop classes in Vancouver and Kelowna, hosting teacher training events, and making birthday parties extra special!

Laura founded her company based on 3 core values she wants to share which lead her to her most Radiant Life.

  1. Movement – Take time to move and play daily
  2. Surround yourself with inspired friends – lift each other up!
  3. Be free to pursue your passions – Make time to do what you want
Laura Loops Hula Hoops

Why I Make Hoops

A number of years ago, I spent some time living in Cambodia. At the time, I was already a hooper but the only hoops available were made of bamboo with plastic ribbon. They were lightweight and could do some tricks, but they couldn’t travel and broke easily.

As I learned to hoop more and met people on the beaches I realized I was not the only one who wanted to play! So I learned the Khmer words for ‘tube’ and ‘connector’ and went down to the hardware store. What I got was heavy orange 1-inch tubing and giant sheets of the sparkle tape which is used for motorbikes. After days of cutting and using a pot of boiling water to get the connectors in, I had my first hoops! They left bruises on my wrists but they collapsed for travel. I made more and they sold like hotcakes.

While living on the beach and making hoops, I also trained local Khmer men to join in a nightly fire show and co-hosted the Freeflow Fire Arts Festival. I realized I love teaching flow arts and decided to continue upon my return to Canada. Back home, I continued making hoops and have been lucky to be a part of building vibrant hoop communities around the country! 

Today, customer service is my number one priority. I will go out of my way to make sure customers love their hoops all the way to the moon and back. I want everyone to feel as confident and happy as I do with a hoop, knowing I’m caring for myself and looking good while I’m spinning in circles!