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Creating Canadian made hula hoops, leading hula hoop classes and teacher training, and internationally noted hula hoop and fire performer for 8 years. Hypnotizing festival crowds around the world with her hoops and fire props. Her fun and playful style reflects years of study with award-winning flow artists, and a boundless ability to connect with people. This passion for connection has also made Laura a gifted hooping workshop facilitator, especially when she works with children.

Laura Loops Hula Hoops

Why I Make Hoops

A number of years ago, I spent some time living in Cambodia. At the time, I was already a hooper but the only hoops available were made of bamboo with plastic ribbon. They were lightweight and could do some tricks, but they couldn’t travel and broke easily.

As I learned to hoop more and met people on the beaches I realized I was not the only one who wanted to play! So I learned the Khmer words for ‘tube’ and ‘connector’ and went down to the hardware store. What I got was heavy orange 1-inch tubing and giant sheets of the sparkle tape they use for their motorbikes. After days of cutting and using a pot of boiling water to get the connector in, I had my first hoop! It left bruises on my wrists but it collapsed for travel. I made more and they sold like hotcakes.

While living on the beach and making hoops, I also trained local Khmer men to join in a nightly fire show and co-hosted the Freeflow Fire Arts Festival. I found out that I loved teaching flow arts and decided to continue upon my return to Canada. Back home, I continued making hoops and helped build a vibrant hooping community by teaching classes.

Today, customer service is my number one priority. I will go out of my way to make sure customers love their hoops all the way to the moon and back. I want everyone to feel as confident and happy as I do with a hoop, knowing I’m caring for myself and looking good while I’m spinning in circles!