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Newly relocated to Kelowna, BC!

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Thank you for choosing to buy Canadian made hula hoops! I hand-make polypro and HDPE hula hoops in my new workshop in Kelowna, British Columbia – and I ship all over Canada! Previously based in Vancouver.

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Canadian Made Hula Hoops

Current Hula Hoop Creation & Shipping Times in Canada

  • My site is full of information I have gathered and assembled so you can find the answers to most of your questions!

  • Waiting to pick up your hoop or for your tracking number? Don’t forget to check your junk emails. I will contact you with pickup details or tracking number.

  • Your polypro or HDPE hoop leaves my workshop in a perfect circle. Make sure to let your hoop breathe overnight so it can reform its circle. If it seems bent or kinked after relaxing please contact me so I can send you a new one. Long wait times from Canada Post means sometimes hoops are getting hot and bent.
  • Canada Post cannot guarantee shipping times. Some hoops are arriving within 2 days and others are taking a month. I have no control over this and I ask you to check your tracking info to see where it is.

About Radiant Life Hoops

Radiant Life is your home for Canadian made hula hoops, as well as imported activewear that supports you to live your best life. Look as good as you feel with your new hoop with a unique handpicked selection of imported Balinese yoga and beachwear. Keep your eyes out for fun handcrafted costumes and accessories being created all the time!

Radiant Life founder Laura Loops, a Canadian hoop artist, has been crafting her beautiful Canadian made hula hoops and helping hula hoopers find their flow since 2013. As a certified Hoop Play instructor and teacher trainer, she offers in-school or after-school hoop programs and themed birthday parties for children. Now located in Kelowna, Radiant Life also has staff working in Vancouver to accommodate your needs.
Looking for adult hula hoop classes? Be challenged at your level! Classes run from November to June so you can keep spinning through all the rainy days of winter!

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