Hoop Tubing Types


So many hoop tubing types to choose from! Struggling to find the best hoop tubing type for your experience level and body type? Let this short guide help you choose the best hula hoop for you.

I have 3 tubing options to choose from. (If no tubing type is selected on your order, I will automatically assume and use polypro.)


A lightweight, bouncy material that is great for hula hoops. It is ideal for those who want to do hand tricks and waist hooping. It can be sensitive in the heat and cold. IE it can get hot and reshape in the car mid-summer, or it can shatter in the cold. I can repair it in Vancouver, but shipping elsewhere will cost the same as a new hoop. Polypro is the most popular choice of my hoop tubing types.

Comes in skinnier lighter 5/8″ tubing size 18″-34″ OR

Thicker 3/4″ size 28″-38″ tubing. Polypro hoops come bare and coloured or taped over a bare tube.


More rigid than polypro, this tubing is great for outdoor winter play and fire hoops. For taped hoops only. The weight will also make it easier to learn waist hooping. It comes in 5/8 or 3/4.

Beginner Hoops (Eco HDPE)

This 1″ blue tubing is the best for focusing on waist hooping for fitness, They are NOT good for hand hooping. These hoops are the heaviest and only come taped. They are best in size 36″ to 42″.

They are not currently listed in the shop, so contact me to make a special order.

They are collapsible infinity style with 2 connectors. They do not come with the option for an extender piece.

Most of the iridescent morph tapes are translucent and are not suitable to cover the black writing on the tubing.

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