Hula Hoop Size Guide

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Wondering how to choose the perfect hula hoop size? With so many options from different tubing types, sizes, diameter, etc – it can be hard to find your perfect fit. Using the wrong size hula hoop can actually make it more challenging for you! So I’ve compiled this short hula hoop size guide to help you choose the right hula hoop for your body type and experience level. Let me break down the size, diameter, and tubing types in the guide below to make it easy for you!

Beginner hoopers, please check out the beginner hula hoop size guide as well as the intermediate/advanced polypro hoops to learn about all the various sizes and diameters of hoops. If you want to understand more about the hoop tubing types: HDPE & Polypro – please read the hoop tubing types guide.

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