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5/8″ Coloured Polypro


Polypro is a lightweight bouncy tubing which is perfect for hula hoops.

It is ideal for those who want to do hand tricks and waist hooping. It can be sensitive in the heat and cold. IE it can get hot and reshape in the car mid-summer, or it can shatter in the cold under 10 degrees. I can repair it in Vancouver, but shipping elsewhere will cost the same as a new hoop.

5/8″ is skinnier and lighter tubing. Stardust tubing is more sensitive to cold weather but is extra grippy on your bare legs in the summer! Designed to be used without grip tape!

See options for thicker 3/4″ polypro

Additional Hula Hoop Info
Multi-hoop Discount Codes
Returns & Refunds
Pick up & Shipping
Additional Hula Hoop Info

All Radiant Life hoops come standard with:

  • EZ Clip buttons for easy opening to coil down half size for travel (size 27″ and larger only)

  • Extra strong polycarb connector

  • Tight flush connection

  • Free resize

  • Free repairs

Multi-hoop Discount Codes

I love sharing discount codes for you to use on your sets of hoops!

Please respect their limits, I process every order myself and see when the incorrect coupon is used and really don’t like having to follow up.

Mini doubles are a single listing, count as 1 hoop purchase. Travel hoop upgrade is not a full size hoop and therefore does not qualify.

Ready to ship hoops are only eligible for $5 off when buying 2 or more.

2 hoops – DOUBLETROUBLE = $5 off

3 hoops – TRIPLES = $15 off

4 hoops – QUADS = $30 off

Returns & Refunds

Exchanges are accepted for hoops returned in perfect condition. All shipping charges to be paid by the customer. In cases where hoops arrive damaged they will be replaced by Radiant Life, so don’t panic! Length of time until a replacement is subject to availability.

No returns for refund.

Pick up & Shipping

Pickup available in Vancouver

3047 Maddams St.

Delivery available for $5-$10.

Hoops are coiled down to package for shipping. All hoops insured for easy replacement in case of an issue.

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