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BEGINNER TRICKS AND FLOW – 4 week series – Sundays 6:30 – Feb. 25


4 week series

Sundays – February 25 – March 17, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Showpony Studio – 2280 E Hastings St

New to hula hooping? Already have some skills? This is the hula hoop class for you! Each class starts with stretching and learning waist hooping for cardio. Our focus is split between waist hooping, learning hand hooping foundations and learning fun tricks. Each student receives individual tips and feedback from the instructor, or you can turn your video off if that’s not your jam.

Each week we will review our tricks from the previous week to ensure complete understanding moving forwards. Classes are just the right level of challenge while also full of play time.

If you like hooping for the meditative aspect and are happy with the low impact workout and have taken this class before, feel free to take it again. It changes slightly each session while still focusing on foundations.

If you want to have a slightly higher impact workout and learn more tricks, try the intermediate combos class!

You will need a hoop that you can waist and hand hoop with.

$5 discount for every friend who registers, contact me for discount code.

Come for fun, fitness, and giggles!

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