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Polycarbonate hula hoop connectors


Polycarbonate connectors are the strongest available for your hoops. They ensure a nice tight connection that last as long as your hoops. Each connector is approximately 4″ long, the perfect size. Works well for riveted and push button hoops.

Available in size small – 1/2″ for 5/8″ OD hoops OR 5/8″ for 3/4″ OD hoops.

Polycarbonate connectors can be very tight for some tubing and might need to be drilled with a router bit to make an easier connection. Tighter is better for the longevity of your hoops.

Pick up & Shipping
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Pick up & Shipping

Pickup available at  445 Sugars Ave. Kelowna, BC

Shipping is quoted once order is submitted. Email with invoice and payment link will be sent during business hours.

*Shipping tips*

Rolls of tubing fit 3 to a box and price is based more on box size than weight. Average shipping prices for tubing are between $25-$45 per box. Adding tape to your order is a great way to maximize shipping costs.

Tape orders without tubing will typically cost $15-$40 depending on order size.

Thank your for your patience as we work out the details of our new supply branch.  Shipping prices will standardize once we know more.

Additional Info

Sponsored hooper and regular discount codes do not apply to hoop supplies.

Returns & Refunds

Please contact us if you have any issues with your hoop supplies.

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